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EGy Film
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EGy Film



 Windows Se7en XP SP3 v3.7.9

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Windows Se7en XP SP3 v3.7.9 Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: Windows Se7en XP SP3 v3.7.9   Windows Se7en XP SP3 v3.7.9 Icon_minitimeالإثنين أغسطس 03, 2009 7:05 am

Windows Se7en XP SP3 v3.7.9 Windows7rc5
Windows Se7en XP SP3 v3.7.9 | 363 MB

About the program: A new assembly of Se7enTEAMS
Based on the distribution Windows XP SP3 build 5512. Even more optimized, more rapid assembly.
During testing there were no errors or mistakes BDoS type "memory can not be READ"!
Distribution free of unnecessary junk that is causing such a nice, small size.

Changes in version 3.7.9 from version 2.7.9:
- Reduce memory Jer.
- Reduce the size distribution at ~ 2MB.
- Changed wallpaper
- Change the look of many dialogues.
- Updated Visual Taks Tip to ver. 3.4
- Updated K-Lite Codec Pack to ver. 5.0
- Work distribution has become more fast and stable.


- Help and Support
- Manual
- Drivers for older graphics cards and sound cards!
- Registration of the installation (Install as Windows 2000)
- Standard Sounds, Themes, Wallpapers and everything else associated with it!
- Upgrade from Win9x and Win2k
- Security Center and Automatic Updates
- Of the different components which are now no longer used
- And many more which are not desired


+ New design:
- Icons (half had to change manually but it seems to have Windows 7)
- Themes Design (They are only 4 but which, Windows 7 themes)
- Wallpapers (taken from the original image of Windows 7)
- Sounds (By the way, they are disabled in the standard should go to Control Panel, and to include them,
selecting a sound theme)
- Cursors (completely under the style of Windows 7)
- And many more that are not named ... (Bootskin LogonSkin, etc.)
+ IE7 RUS and WM11 RUS
+ It is necessary to speed tviki of services and components
+ OEM LOGO-small program showing the type of processor, KB updated and the date and time to install the OS!
+ K-lite codec pack ...
+ DotNet 2 (Library for Windows)
+ Package components
+ DirectX 9C
+ Full package SATA \ Raid drivers
+ WinRAR (archive)
+ And more

Download: Singcang.WIN7.XP.S7T.part1.rar.html WIN7.XP.S7T.part2.rar.html WIN7.XP.S7T.part3.rar.html WIN7.XP.S7T.part4.rar.html

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Windows Se7en XP SP3 v3.7.9
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